Canada’s 2nd tallest waterfall

I recently got a chance to experience this huge, powerful and tall waterfalls in the beautiful British Columbia. It is the 2nd tallest waterfall in the province and also in the country of Canada. It’s located in Yoho National Park near Field, British Columbia and is easily accessible through the Trans-Canada Highway (popularly known as Highway 1). Once you exit Highway 1, you drive through the forests on a 2-way winding road lined with trees on either sides. For convenience, I’ll drop the pin location to the parking lot down below:

📍Takakkaw Falls Parking Lot

The waterfall has 2 tiers and is 373 meters tall in total. The first tier is 119 meters tall and at the base of this first tier is where the magic happens. The water splashes in all directions and starts falling into the second tier which is 254 meters tall. Looks amazing to the naked eyes but I have tried my best to get this at a low exposure to make it as much visible in a camera lens as possible. Here’s a reel from the amazing Takkakaw Falls.

Takakkaw Falls

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There is not much hike to get to the falls. It’s only about a 10 mins walk from the parking lot to the base of the falls. As you get closer to the falls, the surrounding starts getting colder. This is due to the wind and the mist in the air. You’ll also see a lot of algae in the area as the air is very humid here. It looks so much like a rainforest.

This falls is open to visit only during the summer months. The Yoho Valley Road that gives access to the parking lot of this falls is closed during winters. Also if you try to visit this place during winters, you need proper avalanche training as this is an avalanche terrain.

Try to go to this falls on a sunny day rather than on a cloudy one. The reason I say this is because the sun rays and the mist of the falls together make this place appear even beautiful. The combination forms a full rainbow.

A full rainbow on a nice sunny day!
- Clicked by yogiventurous
A full rainbow on a nice sunny day!
Clicked by yogiventurous

Also, when you visit this falls, you can add Emerald Lake to the itinerary as it is also a very scenic place to visit. I will write another blog on Emerald Lake soon. Stay tuned for more posts from around the world.

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